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Loving those hardwood floors

It’s hard not to fall in love with flooring that offers so very much, as hardwood floors do. With a timeless look that brings elegance to every space it’s installed in, it also has a lifespan that means you’ll never have to worry about floor shopping again. In considering all the factors, this flooring material just makes sense. You also have a wide variety of options that can help create a unique character to your own floors, setting them apart from all others. You’ll take great enjoyment from truly personalizing your floors and enjoying them for many years to come.

At Flooring America Fairfax, we offer a wide selection of materials and products for your floors, along with personalized and extensive customer service. We have been in the business for 40 years, and have the experience to assist you with all your flooring needs. Additionally, our qualified service specialists will make sure those materials are installed perfectly. From our Fairfax, VA showroom, we service the areas of Fairfax, Arlington, Springfield, Alexandria, and Tyson’s Corner, and we look forward to serving you too.

Hardwood flooring options and benefits

Species selection is a great starting place when attempting to personalize your hardwood floors. Each wood species has a specific set of characteristics, as well as hardnesses that can make one better suited to your specific needs than all the others. A great hard species that many homeowners go with is Oak, and it can be tailored to a wide variety of homes. The harder the species, the more activity your floors will be able to bear up, with the opposite being true for softer woods.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Arlington, VA from Flooring America Fairfax
Stains and finishes make up a great deal of the personalization options, with a variety of colored stains available, and an ever-growing number of finishes as well. High-gloss is a common finish, especially in older homes, but they do show almost every sign of wear and tear with ease, marring the mirror-finish that so many homeowners love. For that reason, more people are turning to finishes such as distressed and vintage, both of which work to hide a lot of the signs of wear that are most associated with wood flooring.

Hardwood floors are probably best known for their great lifespans. An average of 100 years is not uncommon, with some reaching 200 years if properly cared for and maintained. Be sure to ask your flooring specialist any questions, as we stand ready to assist you.

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