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Luxury vinyl can make your house a home

Flooring America Fairfax is your go-to flooring location when you need luxury vinyl planks and tiles. Serving the areas of Fairfax, Arlington, Springfield, Alexandria, and Tyson’s Corner, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for in a floor covering. We offer a wide variety of materials and products, along with 40 years of experience, for service you can count on as soon as you walk through our showroom doors in Fairfax, VA. Our flooring specialists will be standing by to answer any questions you may have or to go ahead and get your own flooring project started right away.

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) can work wonders for your home. From the amazing appearance it affords to durability and stability and even moving on to life span, you’re sure to be satisfied with your choice. The same can be true of matching your existing decor, as it’s such an easy thing to do. From the appearance of hardwood, tile, or stone, you’re sure to get just the look you want in your flooring.

Stunning appearance without the maintenance

With LVF, the stunning appearance you see is due to the high-resolution 3D printing that creates the image layer. It also adds texture, grain patterns, and veining that can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. In fact, many of your guests won’t even realize they’re walking on anything less. At the same time, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning and maintaining your “hardwood” or “stone” flooring.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Tysons Corner, VA from Flooring America Fairfax
The durability you’ll get from these floors can hardly be topped, as they are resistant to stains, scratching, fading, and many of the signs of everyday wear and tear. A waterproof option even makes them 100% resistant to water for peace of mind you’ll have to experience to truly believe. There’s nothing as comforting as knowing you’ll never have to deal with water damage, no matter what the cause.

Created for some of the busiest homes in the country, you’ll find excellent functionality and performance from these floors. Offering a bit of resilience for a softer step, you’ll also find these floors a bit warmer to the touch than your average hard surface flooring. You can take the protection of these floors a step further by utilizing area rugs and runners, which can keep a lot of the dirt and debris off your new floors. This is often the cause of much of the scratches you find and can be alleviated in this manner.

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